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About Us

Connecting our community to local farmers and professional instructors

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A Friendship between a Chef and Farmer rooted within shared values. The desire to make a true impact led us from pastures & industrial kitchens into one shared vision: the Brick Farm Cooking School. Our classroom shares not only the story of each ingredient, but provides hands-on experience showcasing just how approachable cooking can be. 

Eager to make an impact, each class at Brick Farm Cooking School provides responsible ingredients, professional guidance & the pursuit of educational growth. 

Meet your Chef

 Alex Van Dyke

Before starting Van Dyke Hospitality, Chef Alex honed his skills working in acclaimed restaurants such as Three-Star Michelin Daniel in the Upper East Side and multiple James Beard award winner Sean Brock’s Husk. An alumnus of Johnson & Wales University, he spent summers out on Martha’s Vineyard, where he proudly served three U.S presidents. Having grown up in Bucks County, Alex returned home to act as the re-opening chef for Princeton’s boutique hotel The Perch where New York Lifestyles praised "his creative use of local ingredients" and then received the hotel’s first ring of honor award. Alex’s passion to give back to the community is prominently featured within each Brick Farm class as his professional experience guides each guest towards a thoughtful connection to the cooking experience.

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